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In his review of David Burkus' new book, Under New Management, Philip Foster discovers a way to "redesign the factory."
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Jim Whitehurst responds to the community-produced companion to his book, The Open Organization.
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Cap Watkins, VP of Design at Buzzfeed, asks an important question: Why don't we treat our organizations like we treat our products?
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Richard Wyles explains how open source companies can make money, thrive, and truly compete with their proprietary counterparts.
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Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst distinguishes holocracy and meritocracy—and says middle management still have a critical role to play in open organizations.
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Red Hat intern and MBA student Nate Woodward traces a history of organizational forms and argues that open organizations might finally help us shed our Fordist habits.
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Nicole Engard reports on an OSCON talk by Amye Scavarda and Leslie Hawthorn, who offer advice on the proper way to fail at work.
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Brian Fielkow had the opportunity to speak with Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO and author of The Open Organization, about his book.
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I know this might sound like an odd question. It first came up in a conversation I had with Gary Hamel, the eminent business thinker and one of the first people to recognize the importance of distributed co-creation and that it will change management in the 21st century. We were discussing how the... Read more
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Statoil is a Norwegian oil and gas company with activities in 34 countries, 20000 employees and a turnover of around USD 90bn. The company is listed in New York and Oslo. On Fortune 500, it ranks #67 on size but #1 on Social Responsibility and #7 on Innovation.
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