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The Careers in Open Source series is about the work people do and tips for building a career in open source, getting your project off the ground, creating a great resume, and growing your network.

Question and answer.

Asking behavior-focused questions can help interviewers get a better feel for job candidates'...
Lots of hands trying to climb a ladder

Social media startup Buffer is obsessed with transparency—so much so that it made all its employees...
Pull to open here

Sys admin hiring manager at Red Hat shares tips and advice for candidates interviewing for a job.
A person choosing between several different incentives

Head of SanDisk's Open Source Strategy Office takes a look at some of the most influential roles in...
open source button on keyboard

Jim shares his advice for anyone hoping to make a career of leading an open organization.
How to choose the right brand architecture for your open source project

Should your project, product, and company have the same name? Chris Grams shares some important...
The right and left brain coming together

Pete Savage takes a look at the different types of open source contributors.
Lightning in a bottle

Emily Dunham shares her technique for leveraging open source contributions to stand out as a great...