Open data and privacy
Software tools that bypass censorship and surveillance, also known as circumvention technology, are used in variety of contexts. Chinese citizens get around the Great Firewall to access censored sites and popular international social media platforms. Activists in Iran bypass government surveillance... Read more
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Last week, there were some rumors that a few rather high-profile sites were considering taking down their sites, possibly in conjunction with SOPA and PIPA returning to Congress January 23 and 24. Within a day, the rumors were denied. Today, however, several have stepped up to say there will be... Read more
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The No SOPA Chrome extension
The fight against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) isn't over. It returns to the Senate table late this month--as does PROTECT IP.
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What SOPA means for [fill in the blank]
Today the House Judiciary Committee spent four hours debating HR 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA, despite early successes of momentum against it. No vote was taken. Yesterday, many of those those who get their news from newspapers saw an ad taken out in major papers around... Read more
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How to fight censorship and share books during Banned Books Week
Banned Books Week, held the last week of September each year since 1982, is an opportunity for libraries and bookstores to draw attention to censorship with challenged books. In the 29 years since the first Banned Books Week, more than 11,000 books have been challenged, including 348 reported to... Read more
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Internet censorship in Slovak republic
Last week, the Slovak Ministry of Finance proposed a revision of communication law by extending it to create a list of websites to be banned by all Slovak Internet service providers (ISPs). Even more disturbing, this list would be maintained by the tax office in Bratislava, a governmental office.... Read more
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