Making an organization more open means making some difficult cultural shifts.
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CEO and author Jim Whitehurst explains how elevating teamwork over individual merits can enhance organizational dynamics.
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Working in an open organization means actively addressing everything that prevents collaboration. It means, as Sam Knuth says, "putting the moose on the table."
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Jim Whitehurst explains his decision to distribute the book via traditional publisher Harvard Business Review (HBR) Press. He says that in many ways, HBR does for books what Red Hat does for open source software—it collaborates with creators and adds value to the products of these collaborations.
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Working in an open organization is truly a team effort, and that means doing a bit of everything—even changing lightbulbs. Pete Savage explains how being part of an open organization means embracing a certain ethos.
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This summer, Barbara Ann Spangler, marketing operations intern at Red Hat, learned how to harness the power of community.
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Red Hat intern Meggie Milbauer discovers that life in an open organization isn't anything like the movies.
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Carla Rudder reflects on how principles of the open organization helped her feel welcome and empowered in her new role at Red Hat.
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Red Hatter shares her experience working at Red Hat and talks about why she was quoted in the CEO's new book, The Open Organization.
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Leaders in the new world of networks and virtual communities face a similar identity choice. With more leaders taking advantage of informally connected talent, the "wisdom of crowds," and open source innovation, how much should they try to "go native?" Should they operate as members of the networks... Read more
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