The five elements of an open source city

open source city
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Impressions from the Open Source Business Conference 2013

Open Source Business Conference 2013
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Beat Making Lab partners with PBS Digital Studios to expand reach of music education

music infinity
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P2P Foundation aims to collaborate with Wikisprint

The true potential of collaborative initiatives around the world is yet to be known. However, a sneak preview will take place on March 20, when...Read more

The impact of open source on business and social good

open nature of business
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Top 10 open government posts from 2012

Open government year in review
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Protect choice and freedom in technology by choosing open source solutions

open innovation
I remember first meeting Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire in person at DrupalCon Denver. We talked about communities, music, and shared ways to show why open...Read more

Make Magazine editors demonstrate 21st century collaboration

Work in public
Collaboration is changing. Gone are the days of excuses for not collaborating, like "we work better in person," or "we're in different time zones."...Read more