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The secret ingredient in open source

Secret ingredient in open source

Open source has a secret. Do you know what it is? It has to do with a common characteristic found across successful open source communities that set them apart from others.

For those that are new to open source, understanding the intricacies of how open source communities share, communicate, and govern themselves may take a while to understand. Each community is different, but there are a few commonalities between them that lay the foundation for a successful project. If you’re just getting into open source, be sure to read more about the different tools that organize communities of practice in The Open Source Way book.

For those open source veterans out there, I think you’ll agree that » Read more


New report: Communities of passion

New report: Communities of passion

There are innovative organizations that most of us find inspiring because on the inside, they're essentially passionate communities. But what do companies like Google, Red Hat, IDEO, Apple, 3M, and W.L. Gore have in common? And what defines a community of passion, anyway?

Over the past few months, I've been engaged in a Management Hackathon with a few folks you might recognize from and some other members of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), an online community started by Gary Hamel. » Read more