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Firing community members

Javascript code close-up with neon graphic overlay
Low-quality contributors don't bring much other than noise: they are a net drain on resources because other good contributors have to take time away...Read more

Highlights and editor's picks: March 2015 report

March report: had 547,663 page views and 322,326 unique visits in February. Read more about the best articles from February 2015.Read more

Be a responsible open source user

Too many of us who work with open source software in our daily lives think of ourselves as users, people who merely take advantage of these tools...Read more

4 tips for breaking into an open source community

Samsung's Guy Martin talks about strategies for getting involved with—and earning the respect of—an open source community.Read more

3 key elements that define every open source project

What truly defines any open source project, making it a unique entity that is different form all other open source projects? I would propose that...Read more

Cultural knowledge needs to be more open

Subhashish Panigrahi is an educator and open source activist based in Bangalore, India. Find out more about his work in open source in this Community...Read more

Listen up! It's not all code and content

Robyn is an Operations Advocate for Elasticsearch, an end-to-end search and analytics platform. In this interview, she answers my questions about her...Read more

Puppet Labs community manager on setting expectations

The other side of community involvement in an open source project is the end users. It's hard to be a successful open source project if no one is...Read more