Using behavioral patterns to build awesome communities
This month Jono Bacon looks at the SCARF model, which is a good starting point for building productive, fair, encouraging communities.
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In this interview, OSCON 2016 speaker Jessica Rose explains the role the Dunning-Kruger effect plays in open source communities, and offers tips for managers to help them recognize when candidates under- or over-estimate their own skill levels.
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When handled poorly, engaging with a community can lead to major growing pains, raging headaches, and total meltdowns. In this article, I'll discuss how to prevent the headaches before they happen.
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A template for creating awesome contributor guidelines
Open source contributor guidelines should be easy to read, thorough, and friendly.
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One of the most popular types of event are unconferences, and there are more and more of them cropping up all over the world. Find out how to make the most of your time at an unconference with this practical Unconference Survival Guide.
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In this two-part series, we examine the question, "What happens when selling a site means selling a community?" In Part 1, ownCloud CTO Frank Karlitschek talks about selling his first startup, a network of open source community sites. In Part 2, Logan Abbott, President at SourceForge Media, LLC. (... Read more
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For a short month, sure was action-packed. We look back at the highlights and top 10 articles.
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What's your open source personality type?
Pete Savage takes a look at the different types of open source contributors.
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top 10
A look back at the most popular articles from our record-breaking January, and preview a few February highlights.
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I love Free Software
Best wishes for a happy I love Free Software Day 2016 and Valentine's Day from
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