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How do you envision better food in your neighborhood?

Our food system desperately needs change for the better. At Community Food Lab, we think critically and creatively about how this change can happen.Read more

Finding the sweet spot for data between privacy and open

Every municipality should have an open data champion. The City of Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina, is fortunate to have Jason Hare, an...Read more

Groupmuse founder tries something new for classical music performances

Sheet music with geometry graphic
Groupmuse founder Sam Bodkin is up to something big with an approach that will not only lead to a fresh appreciation of classical music, but also to...Read more

Is the business of FOSS really community software?

An important way to think about "community software" is that if free software represents the ethics and open source concerns represents the...Read more

Top 10 articles, stats, and editor's picks: October 2014 report

We had a steady month in October on bringing in 406,842 page views and 234,521 unique visits. We published 81 articles including 16...Read more

Health Hack 2014: the power of open source, open data, and cross-disciplinary collaboration

Health Hack 2014 preparations, presentations, and winning teams.Read more

Marathon communities like open source communities

In 490 BC the Greek army defeated the first Persian invasion at the battle of Marathon . Legend says that the courier Pheidippides was dispatched to...Read more

Iron Man costume made on the shoulders of giants

Jeremy Hansen Iron Man costume
In this interview with Jeremy Hansen, software engineer and web developer at Red Hat, we explore his hobby for cosplay (short for costume play) and...Read more