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Optimizing your OSCON experience

It's that time of year, again—the annual family reunion for many folks in the open source community, O'Reilly's Open Source Conference (OSCON) . More...Read more

Community spotlight: Barry Peddycord III, PhD student in computer science

Community spotlight
Meet Barry Peddycord III, a PhD student in computer science at North Carolina State University. He wishes academia were more open so work like his...Read more

The FUEL project: A localization effort of content, collaboration, and consistency

fuel bubbles
FUEL stands for frequently used entries for localization, and the FUEL project [ community wiki ; project website ] is an open source effort that...Read more

Open source is like falling in love

Open source is for lovers
I've always believed that the best things in life should come in open source packages. Openness is a natural synonym with selflessness and, thus,...Read more

An architecture of participation

An architecture of participation
What happens when half of the world's population lives in cities? When over three billion people are online? When there are more than 15 billion...Read more

Open thread: How to improve our community discussion list?

open thread
Let's talk about our community discussion list . It's a public mailing list we created some time ago to facilitate conversation about more

Your mother was right, so send her an e-card

Your mother was right--about a lot of things most likely--but we think your mother was right because she always told you it is better to share...Read more

Open source teaches people how to fish

Open source teaches people how to fish
One of the things I love most about the open source communities I’m a part of is that when I ask a question, I just don’t get the answer, I get...Read more