The open source community is dynamic and growing. Our articles about community shares tips for getting new contributors, how to make newcomers feel welcome, how to encourage and support a healthy community, and more.

How the science of happiness can improve OpenStack teams

How the science of happiness can improve OpenStack teams
In this interview, OpenStack Summit speaker Alexis Monville explains how contributors can increase their happiness on individual and team levels, and...Read more

Using behavioral patterns to build awesome communities

Using behavioral patterns to build awesome communities
This month Jono Bacon looks at the SCARF model, which is a good starting point for building productive, fair, encouraging communities.Read more

March 2016: Top 10 and editor's picks

dandelions in a field and text that says Top 10
With more than a million page views, 16 new authors, and 98 articles published, March was a busy month for Here are the highlights.Read more

Impostor syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect in communities

In this interview, OSCON 2016 speaker Jessica Rose explains the role the Dunning-Kruger effect plays in open source communities, and offers tips for...Read more April preview

Preview on paper with coffee
Check out what's coming up in April, including our calls for proposals and upcoming series.Read more

Deeplearning4j founders on growing an AI community

Building an open AI community around Deeplearning4j
Deeplearning4j is an open source, distributed neural net library written for Java and Scala. It is also one of the most active communities on Gitter...Read more

How to hurdle community management obstacles

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When handled poorly, engaging with a community can lead to major growing pains, raging headaches, and total meltdowns. In this article, I'll discuss...Read more

5 tips every open source project manager should consider

Creating a welcoming and inclusive open source space
There are a few important steps communities should take to move the needle on diversity in open source.Read more