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Creative Commons: You are the power of open

Creative Commons: You are the power of open
Creative Commons recently launched their 2011 Creative Commons annual campaign: You are the power of open. Creative Commons has a significant...Read more

Call for images: Collaboration challenge

Call for images: Collaboration challenge
At, we take pride in providing compelling, creative-commons images for the content published by our community. Most of the images you...Read more

New book from Creative Commons celebrates the power of open

By the end of 2010, more than 400 million works had been licensed with Creative Commons licenses. That's 400 million musical compositions, news items...Read more

Have you ever published anything using a Creative Commons License?

After you vote, tell us why you use the license you do in the comments below.Read more

Applying the lessons of open source to ballet

Do open source software and ballet have anything in common? Sure, they have some obvious differences. But they share an imperative to collaborate and...Read more

How open source tools can create balanced learning environments

"Free," "open" and "libre" software has been a buzzword in media and technology spheres alike. A lot of heat surrounds its implementation, especially...Read more

Makers: Free your hardware with OHANDA

The Open Source Hardware and Design Aliance ( OHANDA ) aims to do for hardware what the Creative Commons does for intellectual property and the GPL...Read more

Creative Commons licensing just gave your YouTube videos a lot more freedom

As of noon Eastern time today, you can put a Creative Commons license ( CC BY 3.0 ) on your YouTube video uploads. In addition, YouTube will be...Read more