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California passes groundbreaking open textbook legislation

Free the textbook
It’s official. In California, Governor Jerry Brown has signed two bills ( SB 1052 and SB 1053 ) that will provide for the creation of free, openly...Read more

Gamer contest hosted by Mozilla, Creative Commons, and others

The Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part gaming contest. The first part involved participants who submitted art for the games. The second part,...Read more

Creative Commons applied to government, business, and journalism

Creative Commons BY
For people wanting to learn about Creative Commons and its application in different sectors, there is a sea of materials available online. In...Read more

Creating better art for open source games

For those of you that missed it, the Liberated Pixel Cup is a gaming contest where the goal is to make free software art and free software games that...Read more

Coming unglued: Lessons in openness from a successful crowdfunding campaign

Last month, this site featured an article about the startup I work for, . Briefly, we think more books should be available to the world...Read more

Free, open ebook offers ideas for rebooting American government

How would you reboot American government?
In 2008, representatives of the Personal Democracy Forum sent dozens of writers, pundits, politicians, entrepreneurs, researchers, and think-tankers...Read more

How much would you pay to free your favorite book?

books of different color
Think of a book you absolutely love. Now imagine being able to share a copy of that book with anyone, anywhere, as quickly and easily as you can send...Read more

Larry Lessig: The corruption of the American political system

Larry Lessig: The corruption of the American political system
Two years ago, I interviewed law professor, author, and Creative Commons co-founder Larry Lessig to discuss his work on institutional corruption and...Read more