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Delivering innovation overnight--What it takes to do new things fast

Delivering innovation overnight--What it takes to do new things fast
What leader today doesn't want more innovation? Yet, producing more (of anything) inside an organization generally leads to more process, which...Read more

Open*Business: 2011 in review

Open*Business: 2011 in review
The principles of open source continue to have a huge influence on the science of management. Collaboration, transparency, community, and rapid...Read more

Students in Los Altos delight in using Inkscape drawing program

One of the fun parts of blogging for PCWorld.com is getting reader response e-mails from all over the world. You never know who is going to read what...Read more

Darwin meets Dilbert: Applying the Law of Two Feet to your next meeting

I came across an interesting concept recently: the Law of Two Feet. Brilliantly simple, it says any time you're in a meeting where you're not...Read more

Does your organization need a "no policy" policy?

Daniel Pink published an interesting piece over the weekend in The Telegraph about Netflix 's innovative corporate policy of not having a vacation...Read more

Open books: The opensource.com summer reading list

We asked opensource.com contributors for their recommendations for some can't-miss summer reading. Some books are new. Some are recent favorites. All...Read more

Why incentives don't work in education—or the business world

Even as the U.S. economy recovers from a financial meltdown led by a number of white-collar Wall Street swindlers, critics of the public education...Read more

LeBron James: A management innovator?

LeBron James is an amazing basketball player. But is he also a management innovator? I couldn’t help but ask myself that question as I watched the...Read more