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In "Letting the Sparks Fly," The Open Organization's fifth chapter, Jim Whitehurst directs readers' attention to forces that inhibit the kind of "frank" discussion that make organizations better. This is a recap of the Twitter chat.
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This week, we're discussing Chapter 4: Choosing Meritocracy, not Democracy. Join us!
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Discussion about engagement in the Open Organization book club. Engagement can be powerful. It can channel the passion of employees and help shape or reshape a company.
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On Monday, September 7, I kicked off the second week of the Open Organization book club. This week, our topic was "Chapter 2: Igniting Passion," in which author Jim Whitehurst describes several strategies for igniting passion in your organization.
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Conference season is here. And, with it comes a barrage of swag just waiting to find its way to bottom of our bags or a pile on the top of our desks.
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It's football season and I'm trying my hand at helping coach my son's team. He's surprisingly good at defensive end and I am obviously very proud. It's all what you would expect, until recently, something stood out.
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Let's talk about our community discussion list. It's a public mailing list we created some time ago to facilitate conversation about opensource.com. We envisioned it as a channel for communication regarding both the website and the community that sustains it—not the content we feature here. And we... Read more
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