For more than thirty years, Ron McFarland has watched firms negotiate relationships to new communication technologies. Here's what he's learned about leveraging them on the path to openness.
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When empowering employee decision-making, intent is everything
Japanese managers call it "gemba," the practice of pushing decision-making power down a hierarchy. But when managers do it simply with the intent to avoid responsibility, trouble arises, Ron McFarland explains.
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Sam Knuth reflects on his experiences with employees who lose their fire—and offers tips for reigniting it.
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Discussion about engagement in the Open Organization book club. Engagement can be powerful. It can channel the passion of employees and help shape or reshape a company.
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Open Organization book cover stacked
In the Open Organization book club this week, writer Scott Nesbitt examines "Chapter 3: Building Engagement."
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It's one of the toughest—and most important—questions in business: How do you mobilize and unleash the best gifts of every single person in your organization? And how do you create an environment and systems for work that ignite extraordinary passion, imagination, and initiative?
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Recently, fellow opensource.com writer Chris Grams remarked that our collection of articles and tips on community-building was getting rather large. Perhaps we had the material to write a set of best practices for building communities. So here’s my stab at it.
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This evening, United States President Barack Obama will be delivering the annual State of the Union address at 9pm EST (if you want to learn more about the tradition of the State of the Union address in the United States, the White House has put together a nice video about the history and making of... Read more
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Over the past few months, I've started moonlighting as a contributor on the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX), which we've featured regularly here on opensource.com. My posts on the MIX focus on how to enable communities of passion in and around organizations.
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In the interview with Chris Blizzard I posted last week, near the end of the article Chris attributes a phrase to Mozilla CEO John Lilly: "Surprise is the opposite of engagement." This may be one of the most simple, brilliant things I have ever heard someone say when it comes to creating engaged,... Read more
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