How to grant rights to users to use Docker in Fedora

On the docker-dev list someone asked about Fedora documentation that described how you add a user to the docker group. The user wanted to allow his...Read more

The right fit? 4 open source projects evaluated

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A Linux distribution for science geeks

Fedora Scientific is a Linux distribution specifically designed for enabling open science. It is a Fedora spin targeted at users whose work involves...Read more

Open source engine Docker teams up with the Fedora Project

Docker teams up with the Fedora Project
Docker ( previously dotCloud ) made a big splash this year when they open-sourced their software for creating "lightweight, portable, self-sufficient...Read more

Pidora: The Raspberry Pi Fedora remix

Raspberry Pi hackers now have a new OS option built by the The Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT). Pidora is a Fedora remix...Read more

Gnome 3 vs. Gnome 2 vs. change

unspoken blockers
Exploring different desktops is a good thing. I’ve recently converted to GNOME 3 ("hallowed be its Name in all the earth, etc.") and I admit freely...Read more

What's a Beefy Miracle anyway? The story of the Fedora 17 release name

Beefy Miracle
Last October, I received a message via Twitter from a hot dog. This hot dog, calling itself The Beefy Miracle, informed me that the latest version of...Read more

Open source companies create shared value

Open source companies create shared value
The free-market capitalistic definition of companies' goals was, for a long time, very simple: to make as much profit as possible. With that in mind...Read more