7 notable legal developments in open source in 2016

7 notable legal developments in open source in 2016
Learn about a few of the many open source-related legal developments that made headlines in 2016.Read more

Keeping up the fight for free software

Keeping up the fight for free software
We chat with John Sullivan about a world full of devices that respect our freedoms.Read more

A road trip into the Free Software Foundation's early days

My open source story
On my 21st birthday in 1998, I received a phone call from Richard Stallman , founder of the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation (FSF), to tell...Read more

The Free Software Foundation: 30 years in

Jono Bacon reflects on the 30-year anniversary of the FSF and shares excerpts from his interview of John Sullivan, the foundation's executive...Read more

Security in open source, a Google surprise, and more

open source news
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the the security of commercial open source, Google's surprise launch of ODF...Read more

Mark the Day Against DRM with discounts on books and videos; join the EFF live video panel

Digital Content
Today is the Day Against DRM, organized by the Free Software Foundation through their Defective by Design campaign against digital rights management...Read more

Free Software Foundation to offer seminar on GPL enforcement and legal ethics

free software legal seminar
The Free Software Foundation will be providing a half-day legal seminar titled "GPL Enforcement and Legal Ethics", taking place on Monday, March 24...Read more

MediaGoblin now seeking crowdfunding for growth

Remember when we told you about MediaGoblin , the open source media publishing system? Now they're building higher and higher, and they're looking...Read more