Building a culture of more pluggable open source

Building a culture of more pluggable open source
Instead of packing in a bunch of extra features users don't want, a solid, customizable system lets them build the best solution for their needs.Read more

Finding Unity in GNOME Shell

Ahead of Unity 8's release, longtime Ubuntu user Jono Bacon explores the GNOME Shell.Read more

18 reasons to use Gnome on its 18th birthday

Gnome cake
In honor of the Gnome desktop's 18th birthday on August 15, we've rounded up 18 reasons to toast Gnome and its gnice community.Read more

Gnome turns 18, new tools for Docker, Kali Linux 2.0, and more news

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Accessibility in Linux is good (but could be much better)

Linux accessibility is good, but could be much better. Learn about many of the free accessibility tools Linux and open source solutions offer, and...Read more

Using ownCloud to integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, and more in Gnome

In this short tutorial, learn how to integrate ownCloud with the Gnome desktop and then add your favorite cloud providers to use all of your cloud...Read more

Open source workshop explores FOSS in universities

Open source in education is key
The Association for Computing Machinery's annual meeting of their Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education is one of the largest academic...Read more

Heard of the GNOME Outreach Program for Women? Learn more today.

Starting this past December, the GNOME Outreach Program for Women (OPW) welcomed a new crop of promising young female contributors to several open...Read more