'Open source' is not 'free software'

'Open source' is not 'free software'
Open source won, but what are the consequences of ignoring free software philosophy and ideals?Read more

Google Code shuts down, GNU Manifesto turns 30, and more news

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the 30th anniversary of the GNU Manifesto; Google Code shutting down; a new...Read more

Where do we stand 30 years after the founding of the Free Software Foundation?

Free and open source software
Who really owns our devices and the software they run? John Sullivan, executive director of the Free Software Foundation, shares his refreshing...Read more

Can the FOSS community save 197 endangered Indian languages?

The Language Atlas of UNESCO shows that 197 Indian languages are endangered. I believe if the FOSS community works together, we can save them.Read more

Open source as a civic duty

make things better
I occasionally get asked why I spend so much of my free time writing software and giving it away for free . There are a number of reasons for this—I...Read more

MediaGoblin now seeking crowdfunding for growth

Remember when we told you about MediaGoblin , the open source media publishing system? Now they're building higher and higher, and they're looking...Read more

Kdenlive Part 6: Workflow and Conclusion

Kdenlive Part 6.  Cut and Print.
Post-production is a long and involved process. As these articles have demonstrated, Kdenlive is capable of handling every step with efficiency and...Read more

Kdenlive Part 5: All About Audio

Kdenlive Part 5. All About Audio.
Traditionally, the film editing process was regimented and compartmentalized. The assistant editors helped organize footage, the editor cut the...Read more