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Go (or Golang), a programming language initially developed at Google, is a compiled, statically-typed language with an open source implementation.

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Go's random number generator is a great way to generate difficult-to-guess passwords.
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Find out how Hugo makes building websites fun again.
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In only two years, Golang leaped from the 65th most popular programming language to #17. Here's what's behind its rapid growth.
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Learn how a developer used Go and a Raspberry Pi to create AI specifically tuned to his own style.
The 7 stages of becoming a Go programmer

Whether you're new to Go or a seasoned Gopher, you may recognize these steps on the path to Go enlightenment.
Getting started with go

Go is behind some of the web's most critical systems, which makes learning the language one of the best investments a programmer can make.
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Find out about a use case that created a need for testing certificate chains, appropriate web server security settings, and the Go code used for testing.