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Learn about Hadoop, an open source software framework for storage and large-scale data processing across clusters of computers, which powers many big data and analytics processing tasks.

Alarm clocks with different time

Open source is leading the way with a rich canvas of projects for processing real-time events.
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Let's look closely at the Apache Hive and Apache HBase to understand which one can cope better with query performance.
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As the Apache Software Foundation turns 20, let's celebrate by recognizing 20 influential and up-and-coming Apache projects.
Cloud and databsae incons

Looking for ways to draw meaningful conclusions from big data? Rommel Garcia runs through three...
Open data brain

Hear what it's like to learn about Hadoop and related tools for big data processing from two...
Server room

At Opensource.com, a core piece of our mission is to keep you informed about trends and...
On the scene

ApacheCon is coming up, and within that massive conference there will be a glimmering gem: a forum...
Sustainable data

Initially, Hadoop implementation required skilled teams of engineers and data scientists, making...