Hershey Kisses, a pumpkin, and MaKey MaKey create an open source Halloween

MaKey MaKey pumpkin

We've been anxiously awaiting our chance to mess with a MaKey MaKey after we wrote this post, and we finally got our hands on one just in time for Halloween. MaKey MaKey's are based off Arduino, and you plug them into your computer with a USB cord. Basically you can alligator clip anything that conducts electricity and to make anything into a key. » Read more


Collaborative creeps for sharing and scaring


Internet memes—those bite-sized, ephemeral cultural artifacts that are shared and remixed over the Web—seem to be evermore pervasive online and offline. Many of them feature reoccurring characters, like Courage Wolf, Good Guy Greg, and Business Cat. They are "characters" in the sense that they are defined by a single unwavering archetype, but what sets them apart from traditional literary characters is that they aren’t attached to stories.

For the most part. Because if you dig deeper, past the most popular memes, you'll find characters with more depth do exist. Their background stories might give you the creeps (many are the product of collective horror storytelling), but that's what makes them great for this time of year—Happy (open source) Halloween!

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