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Our hardware articles include Raspberry Pi and Arduino, open wearables, Linux and hardware compatibility, laptop reviews, monitoring tools, and more. For background, read our introduction to open hardware.

How to make a DIY Blynk Board

The SparkFun Blynk Board is based on the ESP8266 and comes with 10+ preloaded projects.
Open source drones

Learn about the open source projects powering the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Assemble this game console in four hours

Learn how the MakerBUINO kit is a fun way to introduce kids to electronics and coding.
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Make programming for kids easy and fun with open hardware; a review of SparkFun's micro:bit arcade...
How to build custom IoT hardware with Arduino

Come along on a journey to build an open source IoT device, from breadboarding to manufacturing.

Hydrogen's versatile, intuitive interface lets you become an instant rock star by recording...
An update on the Duke University's eNable chapter, a 3D-printed prosthetics project

In the spring of 2016, Duke University eNable started out as six engineering students with a...
Give old electronics new life with Linux and Raspberry Pi

Convert a Raspberry Pi into a smart remote control for your old A/V equipment using open source...