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Building a classroom around interactive code

Building a classroom around interactive code
SageMathCloud allows you to run Jupyter notebooks without having to install any specialized software.Read more

There's a new standard in higher ed: Open Summit launches

Open Summit is coming. Leslie Hawthorn interviews lead organizers Ian Dolphin and Patrick Masson.Read more

Open source and open data's role in modern meteorology

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Intro to Grace: an open source educational programming language

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Leveraging the power of academia in your open source project

When academia and open source collaborate, everybody wins. Open source projects get new contributors, professors get students with more knowledge and...Read more

A Linux distro for education: UberStudent

Read this in-depth review and tutorial of UberStudent, a customized, Linux distribution designed for secondary and post-secondary education.Read more

16 FOSSisms all educators should know

When Heidi Ellis took the floor at this year's Professors' Open Source Summer Experience —held May 28-30 at Drexel University in Philadelphia—she...Read more

Professors headed to open source summer camp

This week, professors Heidi J. C. Ellis and Gregory W. Hislop will try to convince eight of their peers to teach their classes the open source way...Read more