The spread of open source at SXSW

If you need evidence of the spread of interest in open source, look to the history of SXSW Interactive schedules. Just between this year and last,...Read more

Death Star petition inspires citizen collaboration

public domain
In October, I used "We the People" as an example of how to get citizens engaged with government in an open manner. In November, those engaged...Read more

Could open source build a jetliner?

I know this might sound like an odd question. It first came up in a conversation I had with Gary Hamel, the eminent business thinker and one of the...Read more

How the mobile revolution is challenging open source user interfaces

mobile mashup
In the past couple of years, a powerful paradigm shift has occurred in user experience (UX) design. UX designers used to focus on desktop users but...Read more

Software patents: The talk of 2012

Open law year in review
Looking back over the law channel posts of 2012, I was not surprised to see that software patents were a major concern. The high volume of...Read more

Protect choice and freedom in technology by choosing open source solutions

open innovation
I remember first meeting Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire in person at DrupalCon Denver. We talked about communities, music, and shared ways to show why open...Read more

How software patents are delaying the future

software patents
This fall, I went to Amsterdam to talk about " How Software Patents Are Delaying The Future ", on a discussion panel organised by the European Patent...Read more

Tension between innovation and optimization

open innovation
Optimization, with its Lean Sig Sigma standard-bearer, has always been the objective of management for the industrial era, designed to control...Read more