Is highly structured argumentation more important to human progress than finding so-called common ground?

What makes a new medium successful?
If you missed Clay Shirky's Open Your World Forum Webcast last week, you may have missed his observation about how new forms of communication succeed or fail. The initial uses of a new medium do not always fortell their ultimate importance.Read more

The importance of Google Dart

The importance of Google Dart
Google is making its Dart system open source . This is very important, not just for open source. Dart is a structured language for web programming...Read more

If we're going to have software patents, let's at least have a level playing field

If we must have software patents, at least use the same rules
Last week, I participated in a panel discussion at the Eastern District of Texas/Federal Circuit Joint Bench-Bar Conference in Dallas. The Court of...Read more

Pharma: Start your engines!

Two Formula 1 McLarens
In a rare but interesting example of pharma's willingness to look outside its own industry for innovation, GlaxoSmithKline is teaming with Formula 1'...Read more

Inventing the future is everybody's job

When Larry Huston faced the challenge of revving Procter & Gamble's innovation engine to contribute to $5 billion in annual topline growth, he...Read more

When it comes to project work, casting is everything

One of the key tasks of management is coordinating activities--making sure the right people are working on the right projects at the right time. Most...Read more

Speaking of software patents

The software patent debate sometimes seems awfully one-sided. Passionate opponents carefully explain that software patents hinder innovation and...Read more

Sharing the unconference way: Hosting a BarCamp in Nepal

Humans have a natural tendency to share and socialize. People have ideas they want to discuss with others, get comments on and build upon. People...Read more