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When my open source intern project went global

Open source interview series
In many organizations with traditional hierarchies, being a newbie may mean you'll be ignored. This isn't the case at Red Hat.Read more

Goodbye Henry Ford, hello open organization

Red Hat intern and MBA student Nate Woodward traces a history of organizational forms and argues that open organizations might finally help us shed...Read more

An internship that harnesses the power of community

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5 takeaways for companies overseeing interns

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Engineering, open source internship hits the sweet spot

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Interning at an open organization means learning to trust the meritocracy

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Three lessons from a summer of data wrangling

Data points map
Budding data scientist Sharon Xu relays three data management tips she learned during her Red Hat internship.Read more

Internship shatters silver screen expectations

Red Hat intern Meggie Milbauer discovers that life in an open organization isn't anything like the movies.Read more