Navigating the challenges of international teamwork

Navigating the challenges of international teamwork
One man's story of navigating the social, technical, and political challenges of working with international teams.Read more

8 features multilingual organizations should look for in a CMS

The hurdle of dealing with multiple languages is an issue that can—and should—be dealt with out of the box, through your CMS. Here are eight...Read more

Free software and comparative evaluation in the Italian Public Administration

not confidential government software
The on-going debate regarding the use of free and open source software in the Italian Public Administration (PA) seems to be coming to a satisfactory...Read more

Rebuilding Ecuador's economy with open source principles

a new dawn with open source
Here’s a development that could have enormous global implications for the search for a new commons-based economic paradigm. Working with an academic...Read more

The Open Access Week community to hit its stride at this year's event

to compete or collaborate
A celebration of the open access movement, Open Access week hosts events that are aimed at highlighting how open access has transformed the landscape...Read more

Four ways to better educate girls inside and outside the classroom

open education for girls worldwide
International Day of the Girl is today and a reminder how an open education is critical to the empowerment of women worldwide. In the western world,...Read more

Portuguese government adopts OpenDocument Format

open documents
According to a press release issued by the Portuguese Open Source Business Association, the government of Portugal has decided to approve a single...Read more

Beat Making Lab assembling development team

open source music
Our Beat Making Lab is applying for an Open Art grant , which would allow us to start development on our dream: open source beat making software we...Read more