Graduate students in Finland solve real problems beyond the classroom

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The School of Business and Information Management at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) created an open source project management software...Read more

One year later, delivering on the commitments of the open government partnership

September 20th marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the global Open Government Partnership (OGP) and the release of the U.S. National...Read more

Upcoming global discussion on open government, big data, and innovation

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The Gigabit City Summit is set to host a diverse, dynamic range of speakers on the topics of open government, big data, and innovation on Tuesday,...Read more

Can citizens use open source to create legislation?

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In recent weeks we've seen a number of projects in the area of collaborative legislation that operate similarly to open source software. Today, you...Read more

Brazil at forefront of open source initiatives

Open source in government
Since the workers’ party won the Brazilian Presidential election in 2003, an open source movement has continued to grow in government and public...Read more