OpenStack Summit
In this interview, hear from Massimo Ferrari and Erich Morisse on their total cost of ownership model, which they will be sharing at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas later this month.
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OpenStack Summit interview
At the Austin OpenStack Summit, Ildikó Váncsa will be giving a talk on how to become an advanced contributor to OpenStack.
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OpenStack Summit interview
At the Austin OpenStack Summit, Victoria Martinez de la Cruz will be speaking on how to provide excellent mentorship opportunities for newcomers to OpenStack.
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Purple squirrel
In this interview, Colette Alexander answers questions about her OpenStack Summit Austin talk, and explains how major tech companies are like the Girl Scouts of the USA.
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A newcomer's guide to navigating OpenStack Infrastructure
New contributors to OpenStack are welcome, but having a road map for navigating within this maturing, fast-paced open source community doesn't hurt.
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OpenStack Summit
Interview with Sharone Zitzman who will be participating in a panel at OSCON 2016 called Tips from Community Managers: Effective Strategies for Building a Vibrant User and Developer Community. 
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Sys admin hiring manager at Red Hat shares tips and advice for candidates interviewing for a job.
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Project Goodeberry surprised sheep character
Could you use Blender to teach kids to code? This group has.
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Yellow arrows going both ways with texture
One of Mozilla's senior engineering program managers, Larissa Brown Shapiro, wants to show us how mentoring in tech communities can be rewarding for both parties. She plans to give two talks on the subject at the practical tech conference, LISA15: Being the Bridge Builder and Explicit Invitation.
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In this interview, we chat with Ian Lewis of Google about his upcoming talk at OpenStack Summit Tokyo, "In a world of ephemeral containers, how do we keep track of things?"
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