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9 lessons from 25 years of Linux kernel development

9 Lessons from 25 Years of Linux Kernel development
It may be many years before we fully understand the keys to the Linux kernel's success, but there are a few lessons that stand out even now.Read more

Happy 24th birthday, Linux kernel

Happy birthday, Linux!
The Linux kernel is hitting its mid-twenties in stride. As the open source operating system kernel pioneered by Linus Torvalds celebrates another...Read more

I fell in love with Linux while compiling a kernel

Linux Story text with binary code background
Red Hat technical writer Priyanka Nag shares her Linux story.Read more

Training college students to contribute to the Linux kernel

open source courses at universities
Following my recent post on the initiatives now in place to rebalance the demographics of the Linux Kernel community, I would like to share a set of...Read more

How did the Outreach Program for Women work out for the Linux kernel this year?

free and open source opportunities for women
The Linux Foundation became a sponsor for the FOSS Outreach Program for Women earlier this year, choosing seven interns to hack on the Linux kernel...Read more