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6 ways to use open tools to better support Indian languages

6 ways to use open tools to better support Indian languages
There are more ways Google can support great inclusivity through the support of world languages; particularly people speaking South Asian-languages.Read more

The twisted road through right-to-left language support

I saw Moriel Schottlender give a talk about this topic at 2016 in Geelong last month and asked her to submit an article about it. When...Read more

Why it's essential to grow Indian-language Wikipedias

Why it's essential to grow Indian-language Wikipedias
Subha Panigrahi answers two questions: What is the state of Indian-language Wikipedia projects? What does India have to take from and give to...Read more

Odia language Wikipedia page grows to 800K page views a month

Wikipedia checkuser image from site
The Wikimedia community will gather in Odisha's capital of Bhubaneswar on June 3 to celebrate Odia Wikipedia's 13th anniversary.Read more

8 features multilingual organizations should look for in a CMS

The hurdle of dealing with multiple languages is an issue that can—and should—be dealt with out of the box, through your CMS. Here are eight...Read more

Under-served languages get a boost with Openwords

Openwords mines massive, preexisting public data resources (like Wiktionary or Apertium) to rapidly provide language learning mobile software for the...Read more

The largest FOSS event in India for language technology

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This week, the FUEL project will hold the 2nd annual FUEL GILT Conference on November 14 and 15, 2014 in Pune, India. The event will be hosting...Read more

You don't know JavaScript, but you should

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Kyle Simpson is passionate about all things JavaScript. He believes JavaScript takes time to learn properly and completely, and that if you're going...Read more