How can open communities compensate contributors monetarily without crowding out intrinsic motivation? Let them take what they want, says Chad Whitacre of Gratipay.
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How can leaders foster cultures of innovation? The open source way, of course. Jim Whitehurst and Gary Hamel discuss.
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Openness was key to scaling Dancer Concrete Solutions from a one-person shop to a dynamic (and growing) team. Today, it continues to guide the fledgling company, its founder says.
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The most important skill you need as a leader
Eric McNulty opened up the first day of Cultivate this year, the annual pre-conference event before OSCON.
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Jim Whitehurst responds to the community-produced companion to his book, The Open Organization.
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Steven Ovadia offers his thoughts on Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization.
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In a post adapted from his new book, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst explains how to earn respect as leader of an open organization
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Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst explains how honesty is the best route to credibility in open organizations.
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Open hardware words in neon
Alicia Gibb chats with us about teaching herself electronics, establishing the Open Source Hardware Association, and increasing diversity in tech.
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Imagine you're caught in the elevator with the Chief Financial Officer or CEO of your company. They look at you and ask, "So, what value do you bring to this company?"
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