Scratch, a programming language for kids

Scratch is a free educational programming language for kids, available in 50 different languages and runs on just about any modern computer: Linux,...Read more

Introducing the new culture of learning

open source lightning talks
Education is broken, but there is a new culture of learning gaining traction, according to Sebastian Dziallas, a student at the Franklin W. Olin...Read more

Open brain program aims to improve our working memories

Connections in the classroom
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Does the Indian education system teach students how to collaborate?

Parallels between open source and education
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Teaching the open source way: An interview with Sameer Verma

An interview with Sameer Verma
Dr. Sameer Verma first learned about open source software when a college friend gave him a weekend crash course in Linux. Now a professor of...Read more

Learning Fedena teaches professors how to collaborate

This academic year was my first year as assistant professor in the ISIGK ( المعهد العالي للإعلامية و التصرف بالقيروان ‬ | Tunisia). I enjoy teaching...Read more

Open Educational Resources: The Education Ecosystem Comes to Life

I was asked to explain why the introduction of open educational resources into the education ecosystem might in fact be one of the most important...Read more