LEGO Mindstorms programming with ev3dev

LEGO Mindstorms programming with ev3dev
ev3dev is an open source project that allows the Mindstorm user to create a Debian -based operating system (OS) that boots from a microSD card.Read more

8 projects with LEGO: plastic bricks meet open source

Open source LEGO
Are you a fan of LEGO bricks? Check out these open source projects to take your LEGO creations even further.Read more

Lego could have encouraged STEM education for girls--but launched the Friends line instead

FLL World Festival photo by Flickr user bnewendorp
There's been some outrage over the new Lego Friends line, intended to bring more girls into the addictive world of Lego building. Initially, I felt...Read more

What's your question?

What's your question?
Some fifteen years ago, in the early days of starting up Fast Company magazine, co-founder Alan Webber, shared one of his rules of thumb with me: "a...Read more

Introducing hands-on computing in secondary education

On the teaching open source mailing list , the following question was recently posted:Read more