Open source solutions impact our daily lives in an interesting variety of ways. Read our collection of articles on how open source technologies are making lives better.

LinuxCon North America: Day 1 highlights

Penguins gathered together in the Artic Community Manager Rikki Endsley recaps the first day of LinuxCon North America.Read more

Be an inspiration, not an impostor

Major Hayden offers tips for dealing with impostor syndrome, a feeling that's far too common in open source projects.Read more

How open source helped one woman break into the tech industry

Open source on the seven seas
When society pushed her toward a job as an accountant, Victoria Martinez de la Cruz decided to forge her own path and pursue a career in IT.Read more

8 accessible Linux distributions to try

Penguins on beach
For the blind and disabled, this article explains how to install Linux and give a review of eight accessible Linux distributions.Read more

How an open-minded sysadmin got me hooked on Linux

Linux Story text with binary code background
In the early 1990s, Andy Thornton's travels to the United States introduced him to Linux—and his life was never the same.Read more

Joan Touzet on CouchDB and the Apache way

Radio microphone, interviews on open source
Joan Touzet of the Apache Software Foundation will keynote this year's Texas Linux Fest. in this interview, she tells us about the CouchDB community...Read more

What's the biggest barrier to participation in open source?

Getting started in open source can be daunting—especially if you're new to the world of open source software (or hardware), or if you are a minority...Read more

18 reasons to use Gnome on its 18th birthday

Gnome cake
In honor of the Gnome desktop's 18th birthday on August 15, we've rounded up 18 reasons to toast Gnome and its gnice community.Read more