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Opening up computers to millions of individuals with disabilities

Computer and mouse kaleidoscope graphic
According to the latest numbers from the World Health Organization, over a billion people in the world live with some sort of disability. Addressing...Read more

5-year plan for improving diversity in tech

It's no secret that the tech industry has a diversity problem. Programmer Paola Villareal offers one possible solution.Read more

Love for Perl unites diverse community

When Ruth Bavousett attended her first Perl conference in 2012, she was worried how she'd be accepted as a transgender person. Three years on, she...Read more

LibreOffice community achievements

LibreOffice plays an important function in the world, and one that spans beyond the mere function of an office suite. Let's look back at how...Read more

A comprehensive guide to Dolphin, a KDE file manager

Penguin swimming underwater
Knowing our heads are swimming, David Both takes us on a deep dive through Dolphin, KDE's default file manager, in this comprehensive tutorial.Read more

July review: Top 10 and editor's picks

July was an action-packed month with a record 114 articles published and 641,103 page views. Our community moderators contributed 39 articles—a...Read more

Diversity enriches middle school Linux user group

Penguins gathered together in the Artic
Student members of the Asian Penguins were uncomfortable with the group's diversity issues. Now, contributions from a wide range of participants have...Read more

I fell in love with Linux while compiling a kernel

Linux Story text with binary code background
Red Hat technical writer Priyanka Nag shares her Linux story.Read more