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Organize your movie and TV files with tinyMediaManager

tinyMediaManager catalogs your movie and TV files
tinyMediaManager is an open source media management tool that generates video file metadata.Read more

6 reasons why Guayadeque is a music lover's open source player

record playing
You might not have heard of Guayadeque, but it packs features other players lack.Read more

Which open source audio player is your favorite?

Which open source audio player is your favorite?
Open Music columnist Chris Hermansen has been testing out open source music players to see which ones have the features he likes. In his most recent...Read more

7 open source terminal games for Linux

Gaming in the terminal
Do you yearn for the days of text adventures? With these open source games, the world of gaming at the terminal never has to end.Read more

7 open source Android apps for chess players

7 open source Android apps for chess players
With these seven open source apps, you can play chess against your phone or an online opponent, study and analyze chess games, turn your phone into a...Read more

4 fun (and semi-useless) Linux toys

The fun and semi-useless toys of Linux
Some are creative and encourage productivity, and others just inspire creativity. Some are just plain silly.Read more

3 keys to dispelling impostor syndrome through self-awareness

Dispelling impostor syndrome through self-awareness
Kartik Subbarao says self-awareness is the key to dispelling impostor syndrome when it starts to show up.Read more

Google's security princess talks cybersecurity

Parisa Tabriz, manages Google’s Chrome security engineering teams , and gave a keynote at PyCon US this year.Read more