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Vulkan open standard API support, new games out for Linux, and more gaming

open gaming news of the week
In this week's edition we take a look at support for the new open standard API, Vulkan, as well as, new games and expansions out this week for Linux...Read more

Top 5: Open hardware farming, issue tracking tools, music making, and more

Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's Top 5 articles on, we highlight low-cost, DIY, open hardware farming equipment; open source issue tracking tools; free...Read more

Version control isn't just for programmers

Open art versioning
Everyone can benefit from using version control—even artists. Jason van Gumster explains how.Read more

3D drawings with code using POV-Ray

POV-Ray: Draw with your keyboard
Learn how to render 3D objects as both images and videos using the open source POV-Ray tool.Read more

LilyPond scores beautiful music

Sheet music with geometry graphic
In this month's Nooks and Crannies column, we look at LilyPond, a free, mature music-typesetting program that is part of the GNU Project.Read more

How to make sense of any open source mess

Book review: How to make sense of any mess
Abby Covert's How to Make Sense of Any Mess is a excellent, beginner-friendly, way to learn about information architecture.Read more

Lay down a beat with LMMS

Lay down a beat with LMMS
In the world of digital audio workstations, the project that brings a bunch of modular technology and binds them together nice and neatly for users...Read more

Low-cost robotic hands for amputees around the world

open source prosthetic hand for the masses
OpenBionics' 25-year-old CEO Joel Gibbard wants to make low-cost robotic hands for everyone.Read more