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Top 5: Linux computer story, Cool docker tools, 10 projects to fork in 2016

Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's Top 5 articles of the week, we highlight the best open source games of 2015, Linux music listening, 10 projects to fork in 2016, 10...Read more

Embracing open source as a visual artist

My open source story
Jared Nielsen shares why he uses open source tools to run his YouTube video series.Read more

3 open source personal finance tools for Linux

Personal finance for Linux
These three Linux-friendly open source software tools will help you achieve your financial goals.Read more

From emergency fix to business backbone

My open source story
From a first exploration of Linux, Adam now runs his business on a whole host of open source software tools.Read more

How to build an open hardware guitar amplifier in 5 steps

The 1Wamp is a new DIY guitar amplifier, built the open source way.Read more

Getting started with webcams on Linux using QtCAM

How to use QtCAM
Learn how to get started with QtCAM, open source Linux webcam software.Read more

One man's trash is another man's Linux computer

Hear how Drew Kwashnak took the deep dive into Linux and never looked back, rescuing older computers and rehabilitating them with Linux.Read more

Hacking your Linux computer for a better listening experience

Audiophile Chris Hermansen explains the benefits of a two-sound-card setup for Linux music listening.Read more