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Getting started with webcams on Linux using QtCAM

How to use QtCAM
Learn how to get started with QtCAM, open source Linux webcam software.Read more

One man's trash is another man's Linux computer

Hear how Drew Kwashnak took the deep dive into Linux and never looked back, rescuing older computers and rehabilitating them with Linux.Read more

Hacking your Linux computer for a better listening experience

Audiophile Chris Hermansen explains the benefits of a two-sound-card setup for Linux music listening.Read more

DigiVita uses Blender to teach girls to code

Project Goodeberry surprised sheep character
Could you use Blender to teach kids to code? This group has.Read more

Perl 6, EFF's reading and watching lists, and more open source news

We take a look at the first official release of the Perl 6 language specification, a reading and watching list from the EFF, and more!Read more

An open source emulator for OS X, Vulkan updates, and more open gaming news

Open source and Linux games roundup
In this week's edition, we take a look at updates on Vulkan, an open source emulator for Mac OS X, SparkyLinux GameOver Linux distro, and more!Read more

Best of Hardware

Five of the most-read open source hardware articles on in 2015, plus a few bonus favorites.Read more

Open source means choice

Eric Braswell says the end of his Linux story is actually a beginning.Read more