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Win a 3D printer! Enter the 2015 open source holiday giveaway

2015 Holiday Gift Guide is pleased to announce the LulzBot Mini 3D Printer is the grand prize for our 2015 Holiday Giveaway! As part of this year's Open...Read more

8 projects with LEGO: plastic bricks meet open source

Open source LEGO
Are you a fan of LEGO bricks? Check out these open source projects to take your LEGO creations even further.Read more

How I ended up working in open source healthcare

My open source story President Tony McCormick shares how he found open source.Read more

Linux game sales, AMD GPU open source drivers, and more open source gaming news

Open source and Linux gaming
In this week's edition, we take a look at two game sales, AMD GPU open source drivers, new open source game hardware, and more!Read more goes open source, a European open data portal, and more news

Weekly open source news
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at a new pan-European open data portal by the European Commission, WordPress...Read more

Top 5: Drupal-based farmOS, Blender for astrophysics, Qora cryptocurrency, and more

Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's top 5 articles of the week, we highlight Drupal-based farmOS, Astroblend for visualizing astrophysics data, the goals of Qora...Read more

Historians and detectives keep track of data with open source tool

Segrada is open source software that allows historians and detectives keep track of their data.Read more

Give back and support open source

My open source story
David Both's love of learning and fixing things led him to Linux and open source software.Read more