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Top 5: Linux, Sonic Pi, LibreOffice, and more

Open in sky
In this week's Top 5, we highlight a Linux story, an open source story, open hardware with Sonic Pi, a wrapup of the LibreOffice Conference, and an...Read more

Open source design is ugly, here's why

Ginny Hamilton reports from Garth Braithwaite's session on design in open source at the All Things Open conference this year.Read more

IoT and open source contributions keynote at All Things Open 2015

All Things Open moons
Nicole Engard reports from keynotes at All Things Open 2015 on passion in open source and the Internet of Things.Read more

Top 4 Java web frameworks built for scalability

Michael Dowden takes a look at four Java web frameworks built for scalability.Read more

How open source took me from a beginner coder to a credited contributor

My open source story
Scott Junner shares how attending a free software workshop helped him make meaningful contributions to open source software.Read more

Linux is about choice, control, and learning something new

Tony Maro shares why he defaults to Linux and open source software for his personal and business needs.Read more

Sonic Pi uses code to compose a dance party

Sam Aaron shares why he created Sonic Pi, an open source live coding synthesizer that lets people use code to compose and perform their own music.Read more

Announcing the All Things Open 2015 Twitter wall sweepstakes

All Things Open moons
Take a photo with our Twitter wall at All Things Open for a chance to win!Read more