Open source solutions impact our daily lives in an interesting variety of ways. Read our collection of articles on how open source technologies are making lives better.

A tool for tracking non-code GitHub contributions

GitHub logo with navy background
Katie McLaughlin tells us about octohat, a tool for keeping track of both code and non-code contributions to GitHub projects.Read more

How a love for open source led to the first Ubuntu magazine

My open source story
Ronnie Tucker shares how he found Linux and open source software, then created the first Ubuntu magazine.Read more

Rust programming language for speed, safety, and concurrency

Open source interview series
Rust developer Steve Klabnik will speak at All Things Open in Raleigh next week, and this exclusive interview offers an advance look at his talk.Read more

Community shares #MyOpenStory on Twitter's Alex Sanchez rounds up a few highlight tweets from our #MyOpenStory campaign.Read more

An inside look at open source at Facebook

Christine Abernathy tells us how Facebook open sources projects at scale and what challenges lie ahead for its open source team.Read more

Geriatric Linux: How an 'old geezer' came to terms with computers

For the first 70 years of his life, Emery Fletcher wanted nothing to do with computers. Now, he shares how he came to love Linux.Read more

3 open source projects for modern COBOL development

COBOL programming language
Often dismissed as a relic of earlier era of computing, the language is still being updated with and there are still plenty of opportunities to apply...Read more

The importance of face-to-face in the open source world

In his latest Six Degrees column, Jono Bacon discusses the intangible value of meeting in person.Read more