4 tips for DIY makers

4 tips for DIY makers
If you're considering making your DIY project open, here are the four things you should consider.Read more

How maker communities align with open source

How maker communities align with open source
Open source and the maker community go together like peanut butter and jelly, from automated 3D microscopes to turning anything into a coffee table .Read more

How to build your own maker workbench

custom-built maker workbench
Bill Rainford's heavy-duty maker workbench features dimmable LED lamps, electrical outlets, sturdy shelving, and more.Read more

How to build projects using the Raspberry Pi camera

author photos with filters
Learn about the Raspberry Pi camera options and fun photo and video projects.Read more

Young maker talks software defined radio, open source, and mentors

Technology wiz-kid talks open source, radio, and the maker movement
Young maker Schuyler St. Leger shares his thoughts on the maker movement, mentors, and software defined radio.Read more

Raspberry Pi Zero: a $5 computer

Pi Zero
The new issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, comes with a free computer stuck to the cover.Read more

Design electronic circuits with MeowCAD

MeowCAD screenshot
MeowCAD is an online free and open source electronic design application tool. Its focus is on schematic and PCB design for electronic circuits.Read more

Why open hardware is winning

Gadgets and open hardware
Mike Parks explains open source hardware today and why it's winning.Read more