Change is brutal, even in an open organization

Despite well documented and proven formulas for their success, more than 70 percent of change initiatives fail. Sam Knuth takes a look at why and...Read more

Communication is the key to herding cats

Cat on keyboard
It takes developers, sales, marketing, and product people to take this open source thing and turn it in to something that's useful and used by people...Read more

My life in open source, and the mentors who led the way

Rich Bowen, has worked on the Apache http server for almost 20 years now and serves as a board member and the Executive Vice President. He says that...Read more

GlobalSight shines with open source in the translation community

Yellow arrows going both ways with texture
Welocalize open sourced the translation management system (TMS) GlobalSight in 2009. Open source has allowed users and clients the most options to...Read more

Managing passwords the open source way

At this point, I have more usernames and passwords to juggle than any person should ever have to deal with. I know I'm not alone, either. We have a...Read more

4 words to avoid when negotiating the use of open source at your job

open source on the job
If you work in an organization that isn’t focused on development, where computer systems are used to support other core business functions, getting...Read more

Who owns an open source brand—the company or the community?

open source brand
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David Eaves delivers a talk on the Science of Community at OSCON 2012

carrot + stick < love
With a background on negotiation theory, David brings a fresh and interesting perspective on the behavioral norms of open source communities.Read more