Open source skills
Laura Hilliger offers six steps to succeeding in a meritocracy—no matter what role you perform in your open organization.
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Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst distinguishes holocracy and meritocracy—and says middle management still have a critical role to play in open organizations.
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Twitter birds
This week, we're discussing Chapter 4: Choosing Meritocracy, not Democracy. Join us!
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Open Organization book spines
In the Open Organization book club this week, Rebecca Fernandez examines "Chapter 4: Choosing Meritocracy, Not Democracy."
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Red Hatter Allison Matlack isn't 'new to this whole "corporate book' thing," but she finds The Open Organization a breath of fresh air.
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Red Hat intern Brian Dayman recalls lessons he learned when joining an open organization after nine years in the U.S. military.
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DeLisa Alexander, Red Hat's chief people officer, remembers her first days in an open organization—and explains why she'll never forget them.
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Red Hatter shares her experience working at Red Hat and talks about why she was quoted in the CEO's new book, The Open Organization.
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Meritocracy is a great driver of innovation, but if we want to get to the best ideas, we need diversity of thought and an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to participate and offer different perspectives.
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Open is a better way
After almost 10 years in open source, Robin Muilwijk is still fighting the misconceptions that come with working in the industry. He says the toughest part is finding the right balance between openness while continuing to promote the open source way of doing business.
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