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Microservices is built on the idea that some types of applications become easier to build and maintain when they are broken down into smaller, composable pieces which work together. What are microservices? is a great place to start learning about this type of service-oriented architecture, and the articles in this section offer more on how microservices are used.

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Get advice and insight from CTOs and project leads on their experiences with team culture and microservices.
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Testing microservices isn't easy, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Here are five strategies to consider.
Open innovation

Top CTOs offer advice for a well-designed microservice based on five simple principles.
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You don't have to tear down your monolith to modernize it. You can evolve it into a beautiful microservice using cloud-native technologies.
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Curious about MicroProfile? Here's a hint: It is not about the IDE with the popular name.
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Maybe you don't want to decompose all your legacy applications into microservices, but you might consider starting with your security functions.
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These tips will make it easier to get your team on the same page about microservices architecture.
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The rise of APIs and cloud-based solutions are turning the commercial open source vendor model on its head.