The first supercapacitor-powered portable speakers are open source

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Sam Beck is the guy behind Blueshift , an open source sustainable eletronics business that is all about building cool stuff. Helium speakers are the...Read more

Kickstarting open source music and doubling the number of scores for the blind

 Open Well-Tempered Clavier Bach to Bach
Serendipity was once described to me as looking for a needle in the haystack and finding the farmer's daughter. In the case of the Open Well-Tempered...Read more

Four reasons we need open source beat making software

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The Beat Making Lab is back, with Pierce Freelon and the Apple Juice Kid. In this video, the music-making duo walks us through why the world needs...Read more

A music challenge from the Beat Making Lab

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Martin is a young accordion prodigy from Panama. Producer and DJ, Stephen Levitin (aka Apple Juice Kid), and myself, a UNC Professor and emcee, met...Read more

Does lyric-sharing contribute to a more open music industry?

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This February marked the 50th year anniversary of the "Please Please Me" single in the US and the start of a year-long program of events to celebrate...Read more

Beat Making Lab partners with PBS Digital Studios to expand reach of music education

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In the next step of their mission to spread the magic of making music, Beat Making Lab has partnered with PBS Digital Studios to produce web episodes...Read more

Group remixes a copyrighted song to spread open technology

David Mason ( @dcm ) and Heather LaGarde ( @heatherlagarde ) were interested in expressing open source in other ways and wanted to help spread mobile...Read more

Open source software helps artists create music

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TruthLogik, a New York based hip hop artist, says that in a million years he could not have imagined he would be recording an album using entirely...Read more