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My Linux Story is a community column with tales about how people got started on their Linux journeys. Do you have a story to share? Submit your proposal.

5 pengiuns floating on iceburg

From physics student to the founder of FreeDOS, Jim Hall tells us how it all started with a hobby Linux install in 1993.
Bird singing and music notes

A musician's tells the story of his transition from distro to distro.
5 pengiuns floating on iceburg

A young developers journey to open source and creating a Linux distro, Sol-OS.
Teacher or learner?

These four pieces of advice for programmers stand the test of time.
Music in an infinite loop.

How I started using Linux for everything, especially making music.
An arrow clicking a change button

Eight years after my first big step into open source, I am glad I chose this path.
Penguin swimming under water

In the beginning of Linux they laughed at it and didn't think it could do anything. Now Linux is...
Penguins gathered together in the Artic

Carla Schroder shares tales from when using Linux was a long hike uphill both ways in the snow...