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Open source doctor.

Open source gave a voice and a community to someone coping with the aftermath of a major injury, and eventually led to a new career.
Love and hate

This is the story of how I grew from hating to loving open source technology.
Stack of books for reading

Open source makes software knowledge accessible to anyone, so formal training isn't the only path to a technology career.
Person programming on a laptop on a building

Hacktoberfest got me thinking. My first contribution to open source was challenging, but everything I've learned since then has made me a better developer.
Coffee and laptop

Configuring his young daughters' computers with Ansible made it simple for this dad to manage the family's computers.
Coffee beans

There are probably better languages than Java, depending on work requirements. But I haven't seen anything yet to pull me away.
I love Free Software FSFE celebration

11 open source enthusiasts weigh in on why they value free software today.
A path through nature

How curiosity, hard work, and community support helped this developer overcome obstacles and find success.